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  • How many events have your DJ's worked?
  • Do you use home stereo equipment?
  • What if something happens?
  • Will you play songs we want to hear?
  • Can we bring our own music?
  • How much is your down payment?
  • How soon should we book you?
  • If the party is rockin' will you play longer?
  • Why should I use DJ America?
  • How many events have your DJ's worked?

    DJ America hires only highly experienced announcers. Some talented individuals have emceed and worked in the business for over 25 years. Individual DJ's have worked professionally in radio, voiced-over commercials for TV while others have experience in dance clubs and fund raiser MC'ing. Most events include weddings, school dances, birthdays and holiday parties. One particularly popular announcer has performed over 1000 dances.

    You don't use home stereo equipment, do you?

    Oh no DJ America announcers are equipped with crystal clear state of the art sound and lighting equipment that complements full dance floors. Professional quality CD players in uncompromising laser digital stereo combine with amplifiers, lights and special effects to deliver a top flight sound and light experience.

    What if something happens?

    Backup sound and lighting gear is packed and ready for any unforeseen challenges. A roster of reserve disc jockeys is at the ready for any last minute minor problems.

    Will you guys play songs we want to hear?

    DJ America disc jockeys receive extensive training in handling special requests just like yours. Requests are gladly played as long as they don't conflict with the flow and energy of your guests. Generally, music is played based on preference. Let us know which songs you want to hear, and perhaps more importantly, which songs not to play.

    Can we bring our own music for the DJ to consider to play?


    How much is your down payment?

    A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold the date for you. The balance of your payment is due on the day of your event. Some customers choose to pay the entire amount with several small payments prior to the dance date. We're easy to work with. Let us know the terms that are easiest for you. Currently we accept cash, checks, money orders, and cashiers checks.

    How soon should we book you?

    As a good rule of thumb, as soon as you know the date of your event and the dance site. Good disc jockeys get reserved six months up to a full year in advance. The most popular day of the week for dances is Saturday. The most popular Saturdays are from April 10th to October 30th. Holiday weekend Saturdays and New Years Eve are traditionally sold out.

    What if the party is going great…will you play longer?

    Generally, your announcer should be able to play for an extended period pending the approval of the location manager. Please let the announcer know before the event of any extra playing time plans as he or she is the final decision maker for the ending time.

    Why should I use DJ America for my dance?

    Let some satisfied customers do the talkin'. Click on the testimonials link. Check out how experience, personality, energy, planning, training, music, equipment, dress and reliability are just a few of the reasons people reserve DJ America disc jockey services.