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    "DJ America does a superb job…we feel he did everything right for our daughter's wedding. Everyone so enjoyed the before dinner music and the dance music. At all times you are totally professional, yet delightfully friendly, and go out of your way to please. I would highly recommend you."
    ~Ted and Kathy S.

    "You did an awesome job! Thank-you so much for listening to my wants and needs for the reception. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and had a great time on the dance floor. I will recommend you to everyone as you did so great."
    ~Heather V.

    "Your announcer was great!! Very friendly and lots of fun! We will recommend him to everyone we know!"
    ~ Donna W.



    "Thank-you! Everyone had a great time. The music during dinner was especially appropriate-great volume…you have a wonderful reputation around town. We felt fortunate to have you DJ for us."
    ~Angie K.

    "We heard many comments from our guests regarding how appropriate the volume was, not overwhelming but loud enough to have a great time. Excellent music selection…you played a perfect variety of all the good tunes."
    ~ Keith and Amanda B.

    "We appreciated your professionalism, attention to details, listening to instructions, music selection and so on. You made it seem like the bride and groom were the center of attention-as opposed to some DJ's who seem to think they are. You are definitely very good at this…"
    ~ Dave and Dee H.

    "Excellent job as usual. Thanks for staying and keeping the party going for the kids!. Everyone had a great time."
    ~Marg and Gary L.

    "You performed at my sister's wedding six months ago and were outstanding. Some couples plan their wedding around the availability of the church or reception hall. I truly believe we would have planned around (your announcer's) schedule. He's that good! Thanks for being flexible and spontaneous. Great job!"
    ~ Stephanie W.

    "The DJ started early for the reception, played what the audience wanted and was great. Thank you for accommodating us."
    ~ Donna M.

    "Thank you for providing a lovely dinner atmosphere and a very fun and enjoyable dance at our wedding reception. You did a fabulous job with the music and lights. We loved the bubbles. And even the adults, especially my dad, commented on how perfect the volume was so they could still visit when they weren't shaking it up on the dance floor. Everyone had so much fun and love the music…the perfect finish to our perfect day!"
    ~ Michael and Stephanie W.

    "…excellent entertainment for our wedding. Very accommodating to our requests. The DJ's energy and personality made the event fun. He was sure to keep the music at a proper level during the dinner and at a great level during the dance. His professional pre-event planning and contact made it easy to plan the evening. Great Job…"
    ~ Corby D.

    "You were the DJ for both of our children's weddings- you were wonderful for both! Love the Hula Hoops. Nice addition! You are a class act. Thanks for being our DJ."
    ~Mary H.

    "Thank-you so much for saving my wedding reception. Everyone has thanked me for having such a wonderful time and pleasurable evening. My family does not usually dance but most of them got up there at least once if not twice. The variety was good and the DJ was very easy to get along with. I love it when the DJ knows what they are doing and you don't have to baby sit or play boss all night! Thanks."
    ~ Al & Tracie M.

    Holiday Gatherings

    "We were very impressed with the service we received. I was happy to see that (the DJ) was able to keep people dancing up until the end."
    ~ Tara K

    "…everyone truly enjoyed having you for our DJ at our event. Thank-you for a job well done."
    ~ Sue T.

    "(your announcer) as always did a great job! We know we can count on him…very professional and FUN!"
    ~ Pennie M.

    "Everything was just great. Thanks for doing such a fine job."
    ~ Joyce B

    "You were excellent at our party. There were about 400 that attended the dance. Everyone asked if we could get him back again next year. So…I guess you are our man."
    ~ Barb R.

    "It is a true pleasure to work with you. All the employees totally enjoy listening and working with you. Looking forward to next year!"
    ~ Tara E.


    "Really have been happy all year with your dances here. The kids say you're the best DJ we've had. They really enjoy you here. Look forward to having you next year."
    ~ Pat S.

    "On behalf of the Junior-Senior Prom, I thank you for the great quality of music provided on April 16. The variety and music selection was superb. You made the night very special for many of us. We wish you continued success in entertainment services."
    ~ Andy W.

    "We always rely on a quality evening with DJ America here. Our first choice for the homecoming dance has come to be DJ America."
    ~ Lynn M.

    "Our DJ was great and he won us over on the phone. He really sounded like he wanted to come to (our school). We loved him and will have him back next time!"
    ~ Lilly S.

    "…very pleased…and what stood out the most was the DJ's perceptiveness to the party. Teenagers are an extremely tough audience and he changed the music and tempo from the kid's reactions. He was involved… and would recommend him to everyone and if we are ever in need of DJ services we will not hesitate to call." ~Tesa C.

    "All the kids had a good time-even the Junior High kids were dancing early in the dance. We will try to use you in the future."
    ~ Terri J.